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The Unsexiest Women ALIVE

I love Maxim’s lists, the latest unveils their opinion of the 5 UN-sexiest women in Hollywood

I was inspired, so below please enjoy Bonnie’s UnSexiest Women in Music List, if you agree/disagree/want to add your own feel free to throw us a comment.

5) Britney Spears: Once upon a time Britney was my girl crush and most men’s wet dream.  Now she just kinda makes me want to take a shower.

4) Avril Lavigne-gross.  No further explanation necessary.

3) Beth Ditto: Yeah, I know, everyone LOVES her.  The Gossip are the greatest thing to hit the Indie circuit, Ditto promotes good body image, yada yada.  All great EXCEPT that 200 something pound Ditto takes all her clothing off on stage. Letting it all hang out like that puts her on my list.

2) Amy Winehouse: Missing teeth, open bloody wounds, crack pipe burned lips, nasty, dirty, stinky weave.

1) Courtney Love:

Need I really say more?

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  1. Ryan says:

    Avril is totally hot. The other 4, fine, but I think you hate her because she’s canadian. (not capitalized on purpose, because it’s not a real country)

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