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Tenacious Toy Tuesday’s (FREE GIVEAWAY CONTEST)

Greg “Craola” Simkins Cap’n Rotnclaw & Keel Haul Cleg

Tenacious Toys

Tenacious Toys

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NEW AT TENACIOUS TOYS: 7″ vinyl figures from CRAOLA & Strangeco!
Avast and Take Heed: The Treasure of Cap’n Rotnclaw is the most elusive booty in these briny seas… This very special and incredibly surreal vinyl figure is designed by LA-based fine artist Greg Simkins, aka Craola. With working claws for extra scuttling poseability and menace. Cap’n Rotnclaw in RED is limited to 600 pieces and Keel Haul Cleg is limited to 700.

Join the treasure hunt! A special Treasure Map is packed in each Cap’n Rotnclaw and Keel Haul Cleg vinyl figure. Most maps are branded with the words AVAST AND TAKE HEED, but a small number of maps state AHOY AND GANGWAY and those are the lucky winners. The Treasure consists of a special limited edition giclee print of Cap’n Bristlebeard by artist Greg Simkins! Limited to only 25 prints, each one signed and numbered by the artist and printed on Somerset Velvet art paper.

Here’s this weeks chance to win a free Vinyl Toy from Tenacious Toys and

Answer the below question correctly (by posting a comment), 1 winner will be randomly selected on Nov 18th

Q: What is the next, and final, colorway to be released of Gary Baseman’s Hot Cha Cha Cha series of toys?

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