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Tenacious Toy Tuesday’s (FREE GIVEAWAY CONTEST)

Tim Tsui Da Warrior Battle Colorway


Just arrived, straight from Tim Tsui in Hong Kong!
Tim Tsui Da Warrior figure (Battle version)

Accessories: spray can, interchangeable Ape and Robotic Ape faces, color-coordinated helmet.

Tim has carried his blinged-out aesthetic to the Da Warrior toys by adorning EACH figure with 30 real Swarovski crystals!

Packed in fabric bag.

Normal colorway available as well.


Here’s this weeks chance to win a free Vinyl Toy from Tenacious Toys and

Winner will receive 2 different Vivisect Playset figures

Q: What is the name of the character (and toy) that serves as the mascot of Japan’s NHK TV station?

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