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Tenacious Toy Tuesday’s (FREE GIVEAWAY CONTEST)

Joe Ledbetter Hammerhead Teal (Green)


Kaiju for Grownups!Joe Ledbetter Hammerhead Clear Green

Produced by intheyellow in Japan.

300 pieces made.

15cm (6 inches) tall.

Packed in bag with header card.

Click here for your chance to buy at Tenacious Toys

Here’s this weeks chance to win a free Vinyl Toy from Tenacious Toys and

Q: TOKIDOKI is a word in another language. What language is it, and what does it mean?


0 Responses to Tenacious Toy Tuesday’s (FREE GIVEAWAY CONTEST)

  1. Thaxton A. Lewis says:

    tokidoki means sometimes in Japanese. If you say tokidoki, you are saying sometimes, i Japanese. This is the answer to the Tuesday toy question.

  2. hungry says:

    “A popular, if not vague, word in Japanese and Mandarin, with a meaning that can range from ‘sometimes’ to ‘constantly.’ Use it when you want to say something, without commiting to anything.”

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