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Krypt Kiddies Tabby & Vile-ette

In Darktown Cemetary, on the twenty-second night of the month, when a
blood moon hangs low in the heavens, evil can be born anew…
The tale of Darktown is true. When a person departs the earth with
pent-up mischief, his unleashed evil essence may remain.
If all nature is in alliance, he will be brought back into the world…
Presenting the evil reborn… Krypt Kiddies.

These two life-size evil dolls complete Series 3 of the Krypt
Kiddies. No more Krypt Kiddies will ever be made, these are the final

Each comes with a bottle of green poison accessory and a certificate
of authenticity.

Limited edition of 250 made of each doll.
Each Krypt Kiddie is the size of an infant: about 10″ or 11″ tall
when in a sitting position.
Each comes with sharp teeth, accessories, certificate of
authenticity, and a bad attitude!

This weeks free Monger Give-away

1 winner will be chosen (and awarded 1 monger) who properly answers the below Question.

The Ledkins figure from the Vivisect pPlayset is a collaboration
between what 2 artists?


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