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Wii-Machine Gun remote…

Posted on by chris

Yep, somehow this WeeP5 is actually a fully functional Wiimote. Alternatively, a great way to miss a flight. In case you’re wondering: B button is the trigger, A button is under the foregrip, 1 and 2 are on opposite sides near the … Continue reading

Wii Music

Posted on by chris

[youtube=] Curious to see if this is gonna be as fun as Guitar Hero or Rock Band… over 60 instruments? – crazy… the soundtrack looks pretty weak though if you ask me.. definitely needs some work there, or at least … Continue reading

Wii Punch Out!! Trailer

Posted on by chris

[youtube=] This game brings me back – an awesome-looking wii adaptation.  if you don’t have a wii this looks like plenty of reason to get one – i NEED this in my life!