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Silverchair Sweep Ausie Grammys…seriously

What the….

I’m not hating, the 90′s were a great time period for Silverchair; Frogstomp was in regular rotation in my CD player, and I even dabbled in Neon Ballroom…But that was about it.

Past that they kind of fell off my radar, until recently.  First it was Daniel Johns popping up here and there, but really it was only in reports about him and girlfriend Natalie Imbruglia.

Low and behold I fire up my internet to find today that Silverchair apparently, while I was busy doing god knows what, have a HUGELY acclaimed album that has just furnished them FIVE AIRA Awards (essentially, the Austrailian Grammys): single of the year, album of the year, highest-selling single of the year, best band and best rock album.

Go figure.

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