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Radiohead being Radiohead

 thom yorke in charlotte, NC (photo by Jonny Greenwood)Radiohead shot a video for “House of Cards” earlier this week while in W. Palm Beach, Florida, of all places. And Radiohead being Radiohead, they didn’t even use a camera: they used a fucking laser. The video was directed by James Frost (the dude who directed Coldplay‘s “Yellow” vid), and allegedly stars this girl as Thom’s love interest.In other news, thanks to those that emailed me about this song they found on Thom Yorke‘s Waste Central profile, which is apparently a Jonny Greenwood remix of “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi.” It’s unclear if it’s an official thing, but it is the same song heard at the end of the band’s “Scotch Mist” webcast. mp3:radiohead :: wrd fshs (remix)

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