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New Years Eve…Cobra Starship

I hope you got to rest up during the holidays because we’re about to wreck shop on New Year’s.

Tune into MTV at 11pm on New Year’s Eve where we’re gonna be a featured guest. Actually, just set your Tivo to record that shit and go out and get crunk, cause that’s what we’re gonna be doing…except we gun be doin it on national TV papi!!!!!

Our new video for “City’s At War” will be premiering on all night long, and we will also be kicking off our reign as MTV’s first “Artist of the Week” of 2008! That means Cobra, all day, every day, starting New Years Eve!
(We filmed all these skits, acoustic performances, and behind the scenes stuff that will be played before commercial breaks and in between TV shows all week on MTV)

The video is delicious–we can’t wait for you guys to see it. 2 more days. Anyway…gotta go! We’re in the studio right now cleaning up the lyrics a little. Even nasty boys gotta clean up every now and then. ROWR!


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