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Meri’d To Sports Holiday edition!

Christmas wishes were granted to Giants fans yesterday.  


They ran 301 yards against the Panthers to top the NFC and secure home field advantage for the Playoffs.  They beat the Panthers 34-28.  Derrick Ward
had 214 yards and 15 carrys.  Brandon Jacobs had 24 rushes and 87 yards.  Titans fans also had their wishes granted as they beat the Steelers 31-14.  They earned the top seed in the AFC and homefield
advantage.  Bring it on, a Giants vs Titans suprbowl!  We’ll see…??? Matt Leinart got a chance to play this weekend.  The Cardinals have already clinched the west so they gave him some garbage time.  Leinart had a fumble, an interception and ended up 6 for 14,  for 138 yards and one TD.  Matt Cassel  (Tom Brady’s replacement and back up to Matt Leinart at USC) beat the Cardinals 47-7.  Cassel was 20 for 36, with
345 passing yards and three TDs.  The Cardinals had 2 losing seasons with Leinart at QB. Enter Kurt Warner and they’ve clinched the west. When are people going to give up the hope that Leinart will ever be
good in the NFL???  I think he needs a day job.
‘Tis the season of injury in the NBA..
Celtics forward Glen Davis was hospitalized Sunday with whiplash and a concussion after a car accident on his way to NYC for the Celtics-Knicks game.  The accident happened on the Massachusetts Turnpike.  He will miss his 2nd game Tuesday and is considered day to day. Carmelo Anthony’s sore right elbow will keep him out of the Denver Nuggets’ next three games  the team said Monday.  Anthony said he has two bone
spurs — one in each elbow — and the team hopes resting him for a week will help. Golden State Warriors small forward Stephen Jackson is expected to be out until Friday against Boston because of a sprained left hand. Lakers guard Jordan Farmar, could be out for 2 months with a torn lateral meniscus.  He flew back to Los Angeles for a 2nd opinion today, and both the team doctor and a private doctor have recommended
surgery.  Lebron James told the Cleveland Plain Dealer he is pleased with the Cleveland Cavaliers’ improvement and is considering signing an extension this summer.” You play out this season of course; I will consider it,” James told the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Saturday before the practiced. “The direction we are headed is everything I expected and more.” And all the world heard a collective sigh of disappointment by team owners everywhere.


Dodgers shortstop, Rafael Furcal,  finalized his three-year contract with the team on Friday, saying he always wanted to return to the team.  Now the Atlanta Braves are claiming he reneged on a deal with them. “We never gave the nod to the Braves,” he said Sunday.  Braves president John Schuerholz and general manager Frank Wren were quoted in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution as saying Furcal’s agent asked the Braves to send a signed letter of agreement,  then they reached a deal with the Dodgers. “That is not true,”  Furcal said. “We never, not my agents nor me, agreed to anything with the Braves.”   The Yankees resigned
Chien-Ming Wang Monday to a $5 million, one-year contract.  Rumors are that Manny Ramierz expects to get a 3-year offer from the Yankees, who were hit with their highest luxury tax in three years on Monday, $26.9 million. The Mets held a news conference to introduce JJ Putz , (my Mom is Nutz for Putz), in their new stadium.


Kisses Mer

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