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NFL-Week 17 (the last week in the regular season) ended with 2 WOW’s.  Wow #1 goes to the Detroit Lions.. who had the worst season in NFL history going 0-16.  That is not only impressive, but I’m guessing pretty hard to do. Wow #2 goes to Tony Romo, because WOW that game actually made me feel bad for him.  I’m not a Cowboys fan, but did you guys even try to play? Romo suffered a rib injury during the game, (probably because he kept getting sacked), and collapsed in the shower after the game. Needless to say the Cowboys got killed by the Eagles 44-6, and did not make the playoffs. The Cowboys have not had a playoff win since 1996.

Chad Pennington, who was cut by the Jets to make room for the aging Brett Favre, beat the team he spent the first 8 years of his career with,  24-17. knocking the Jets out of the playoff run.  “It’s always a sweet feeling to be a champion,” the Dolphins’ quarterback said after Sunday’s game. “That’s what we are, AFC East champions. It’s a great feeling. This organization has been unbelievable. They accepted me from the get-go.  This has been an unbelievable ride.” Winning is always the best revenge. Congratulations Chad! The coaches that got their walking papers on Monday:  Eric Mangini, Jets, [Brett Favre looked great on paper in July],  Rod Marinelli’s Lions, understandable with an 0-16 season,  and Romeo Crennel, Browns, 4-12 season, after being pegged as one of the NLF’s rising teams.

Playoffs start Saturday, Jan 3rd with Falcons vs Cardinals, 4:30pm EST, Colts vs Chargers, 8pm EST, Sunday, Jan 4th, Ravens vs. Dolphins, 1pm EST and Eagles vs Vikings 4:30pm EST.   My picks for the 1st week of playoffs are Falcons, Colts, Dolphins and Eagles.

Rumor has it that Tom Brady got engaged to Gisele Bundchen on Christmas Eve on a private jet from NYC to Boston, with her parents present.  If that’s true, very nice Tom, well thought out.. It’s also been stated that his rehabilitation on his left knee is “well behind schedule”.  Could it be that all the errand running you’ve been doing for your model girlfriend instead of relaxing and staying off it could be why it’s going slower then hoped.  It seems to me these boys that run around dating Hollywood stars are really having a tough time doing their jobs. Brady’s knee recovering slower then expected,  Romo, since dating Simpon, has been awful in Dec and January, Reggie Bush, who’s dating Kim Kardashin, has been out since Oct 30th and has undergone 2 arthroscopic surgeries on his  left knee in less than three months.  Maybe they need to concentrate on getting better so they can do the jobs they get paid way to much money to do, then worrying about who  they’re getting their picture taken with for people magazine.  Oh yeah, Matt ‘King of the Hollywood night clubs’, and oh, I’m so pretty’ Leinart, he just sucks.

To quote Sir Charles “I maybe wrong, but I doubt it”


Kisses Mer

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