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Little Brother – Star (The Last LB Track w/ 9th Wonder)

In Phonte’s words…

“This was recorded back in ‘05-06 at Young Guru’s crib sometime after the release of Minstrel Show. This was intended for “Leftback” as an iTunes bonus track but we just got word today that @9thwondermusic doesn’t want us to use it for whatever reason, and that’s fine. In any event, I’m not gonna let anything or anybody stop me from getting music to my fans. Fuck that. Enjoy. And as always, thank you for listening.”

If you’ve been paying attention to @9thwondermusic and @Phontigallo on twitter, some other ‘ish is going on from one of the best broken-up hip-hop groups of our time… it’s a shame when talented minds can’t iron out their differences, but often it’s the tension that yields way to some great art (reference damn near every great rock band that broke up). Guess eventually we’ll see if that will be the case here, or if the bickering will roll on wasting time without anything worthwhile to be heard. Figure it out guys…

DOWNLOAD: Little Brother – Star

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