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Lauren Elle “Enuff”

Lauren Elle

Talent, charm and radiance are innate traits that authentic pop icons possess. For singing and dancing maven Lauren Elle, she lays claim to the triple threat, but with one addition: a strong belief of self. The 19-year-old Toronto-bred songstress’ poise is both seen and heard. “I believe what’s meant to be, will be,” she explains. “But as long as I believe in myself and my unique ability to sing and dance, I’m confident I’ll be living my dream on stage.”

With an arsenal of talent inside her, the green-eyed, blonde bombshell has focused her efforts on songwriting for her debut album. Working alongside the Konvict Music production team, Lauren Elle penned the scintillating ode, “Euphoria.” Lauren’s way of describing the tune, which narrates the story of a couple’s attraction: “It’s a sexy and sultry club banger.” And, after a friend passed away in a tragic car accident, Lauren turned her grief into prose and wrote the ballad “Escape Me” in his honor. The songwriter has recorded with a slew of co-writers and producers from New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, including Tony Vitagliano, Robin Heather Hoffman, Candy, Greg Cavinaugh and G.I.E. Productions.

Check out an mp3 of her song “Enuff” here!

“My music is an infusion of the old school sounds of Aretha Franklin and Etta James mixed with today’s Rihanna and Britney Spears,” she explains. “I don’t like to compare myself to others but that’s the kind of top-notch, memorable sounds and movements you’ll hear and see from me.” A blend of sassy and sensual vocals combined with impressive dance movements give an inkling of Lauren Elle’s versatility on the stage and behind a microphone.

While she’s sang the Canadian national anthem a cappella at the Rogers Center in Toronto and missed her SATs because she was set on recording in L.A., it’s the memory of her performance for U.S. troops stationed in Israel that proves Lauren Elle is walking down the right career path. “It’s amazing to know I put a smile on the troops face when they hear me sing,” she continues, “that’s a gift not everyone is blessed with.” With a strong team behind her, including Bryan Leach from New York based Polo Grounds Music & Marv Brown from Toronto based Top Cat Entertainment, it’s a gift that places her in a league of her own.

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