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Jay Z “Blow The Whistle” mp3 diss record for DeShawn Stevenson



You read that right. Jay-Z, the Jigga Man, H-to-the-Izzo, Mr. Beyonce Knowles, made a diss record about DeShawn Stevenson that was played at the D.C. night spot Love on Friday night, according to several witnesses. I have not heard the song or the lyrics but I was told that Jay-Z freestyled over the beat for the track, “Blow The Whistle” by rapper Too Short. The beat is hot, and if you want to know how that beat goes at least, click on this. This is hilarious. Especially when you consider that the only reason Soulja Boy and Jay-Z are mentioned in this series is because James said responding to Stevenson “would be like Jay-Z saying something bad about Soulja Boy.” Now Jay-Z is saying something bad about Stevenson. I guess DeShawn won’t be playing for the New Jersey Nets any time soon, huh?

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And here’s the song for you…ENJOY

Jay Z “Blow The Whistle”

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