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Janelle Monae “Many Moons” (VIDEO)


Big fan of Miss Janelle Monae – think OutKast meets Gnarls Barkley transmitted through a really gifted female voice.  Check out her EP Metropolis – The Chase Suite it’s really dope.  The song “Sincerely, Jane” is enough reason to cop it.

Here’s the first song that put me on to her - “Letting Go” (MP3) from the Big Boi compilation Got Purp? Vol II 

And be sure to check her out in person if she’s performing at a venue in your town.  Her live show is definitely a good time. 

Opening for Raphael Saadiq @ Highline Ballroom, NYC:

Janelle Monae @ Central Park Summerstage, NYC

Photos Via-Fresh Prodeuce

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