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Eli owe Ten.

Twenty Ten huh. Good for everybody. Pretty unanimous that beyond everyone’s personal greats during the last decade, on the whole, it was pretty bitter for a 10 pack. But who cares about all that when ya got funky links!

A few things on my radar to start off: I’m a big time documentary fan…you should be too*

Ghosts of Cite Soleil: While Haiti is in all of our minds (and hopefully $10 text messages) this was an unnerving, unflinching amazing documentary that should be seen. It follows the Haitian Tupac and other lost youth in the slums of Haiti whose lives are an inconceivable mix of hip hop, terror, love, war and relentless poverty. Gripping and almost Shakespearean from the first frame, it puts the realities of pre-quake Haitian issues front and center in the frame.

For a little lighter doc fair:

ESPN 30 for 30: Muhammed and Larry. Maysels, the name is pretty much the grand start to the doc world. Here is 42 minutes of fly in the crowd hotness, it’s Ali on his last tour, with a emperor has no clothes vibe, and the dignity, honor and pride of Holmes, along with a supreme car phone appearance in his 1980 ride. It’s on demand, and it was a gem from an old diamond. Now I really can’t wait for this one…

on another note: Pretty much every old school computer/video game you could think of that was on a home console in the 80’s. I’m not smart enough to hook up a joystick with it. But for anyone who did any gaming up into the early 90’s…a must to checkout.

Eye-Fi Card: Take a pic…it senses wifi and puts your picture on your hard drive, like magic, without ever having to do any real world wired connecting. AND…Check this google deal out. Basically the card alone costs $100. But Google will sell you 200 gigs of space online for a year, and give you the card all for $50. Not bad for never having to plug your camera into your computer ever again. It seems like the google/youtube genius’ (geniui?) are putting themselves into the free music mix fray. Check this new extension out now, put in an artist or a few and take a whirl. I’m sure improvements are coming, but not too shabby a start here.

Alright Vicariousies (or is it Vicariousers?). Thanks for letting me link around with yall. For comments, hit me in the comment section or @heitin. More next time!

And if you didn’t catch this…please do.  Chargers lost, but LT will always win cuz of this.

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