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Dwele “Working On It”


0 Responses to Dwele “Working On It”

  1. Tae says:

    Dwele i love your music because it sounds very different and relaxing. I like to write so i can vibe wit your music and it makes my poetry sound so grown-up even though im grown but it sounds sexy keep it up!!!!!!

  2. Go2Girl says:

    I love your music! When you came down to Bham…I was so excited!! I was the chic in the front row screaming groupie-style! :D Keep up the great music baby!


  3. Eric says:

    to the two ladies… that man right there- was inspired by the one and only J Dilla. Pay attention to his lyrics very carefully. alot of the phrases that Dwele used were titles from his album. Plus he produced the song.

    they’re both from Detroit.

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