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Crazypants wears no pants

I mean, it’s not even “shocking” anymore.  Britney Spears continues her tour de crazy last night when she:

1) decided to play cat and mouse with the paparazzi, leading too a bunch of photog arrests

2) demanded that Kitson boutique open their doors at 2AM because she wanted to shop


This is all after her little nakey nakey Betsey Johnson shopping spree yesterday where she took all of her clothes off and paraded around the store, and then had sexy time with skeevatz boy toy/paparazzi/gold digger Adnan.

mind you…she just lost complete custody of her children “indefinately”.  Lets state the obvious here. She doesn’t care, she doesn’t want them. That part of her life is over.  Her little husband, kids, dog and picket fence fantasy ended with her divorce.  She’s done-so stop being all surprised about how she’s acting, blah blah, etc…she doesn’t want them back-she didn’t want them in the first place. She wanted the “fantasy” package that they came with. And I say, Mr. Commish, don’t give them back-give them to someone who needs them, who wants them-whether that’s K-Fed or a family out there suffering through the tribulations of infertility.  Don’t keep trying to give them back to Britney Spears! You don’t have to go to law school to figure out the best way to handle this!

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