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Hello iPad

Posted on by Fresh P

Yesterday Apple announced the arrival of its iPad – a device that is perceived initially by many to simply be a really big iPod touch or iPhone.  While that is no doubt my first reaction, after watching some video on … Continue reading

Could the rumors be true?

Posted on by chris

Mac lovers, techies and early adaptors-rejoice! Sure at this point it’s nothing but rumor and speculation but those on the inside are reporting that we could be seeing a MacBook Touch on the shelves as early as THIS October. Our … Continue reading

iPod vending machine…

Posted on by chris

What’s next???  In the Minneapolis airport there are iPod vending machines…  We’ve heard that these are in other airports too.  I didn’t see them in MIA this past weekend.  hmmm

Apple all you can eat?

Posted on by chris

Apple is purportedly in talks with the major record labels about allowing consumers unlimited access to their libraries through iTunes. Read a short article about it here.

Air Jobs

Posted on by chris

So the talk of the town…apple and it’s Chief Executive “Air” Jobs had their big dog & pony show yesterday.   Not sure how impressed I am by the Macbook Air, I have a Mac and I love it but I … Continue reading

Apple Keynote from

Posted on by chris

B. Lam: 10:15 am ON Jan 15 2008 B. Lam: 10:14 am ON Jan 15 2008 Jason Chen: Out comes the MacBook Air. It’s silver (aluminum?), has black keys, is super super thin, and Steve can hold it easily with … Continue reading

Last of the “big four” labels to offer DRM-free music tracks

Posted on by chris

Record labels are remaining on the offensive when it comes to battling iPod maker Apple Inc. for revenue share in the digital music business, with word spreading that Sony BMG will soon join the ranks of other major labels in … Continue reading

The Rumor Continues…

Posted on by chris


Free iPhone Ringtone’s…

Posted on by chris

Ever wanted to make a free iPhone ringtone? Here’s how.

Apple’s newest store in New York

Posted on by chris