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Britney Spears Update

We’ve been avoiding Britney posts for the most part for the past few months b/c although we obviously are a blog and our jobs are to deliver the news (including the gossip)-we also know a boundry when it comes to someone’s health.  So we made the decision that unless it comes to her music, we wouldn’t fuel the Britney Spears fires.

This being said- she is getting her shit together, she is in the studio with her old producer…so we feel like it’s ok to give a quit glance into some recent POSITIVE developments:

-Brit and K-Fed’s bitter custody battle is over for the moment with K-Fed winning sole custody and Brit getting 3 visits (2 of which overnight) per week. 

-The restraining order against Sam Lufti has expired and will not be extended.  In a statement Lufti has said: “Mr. Lutfi and Mr. Spears have mutually agreed in private that no hearing or order is necessary at this time.” Britney is said to want nothing to do with him.

-Her father’s conservatorship over her was to end today.  As predicted the courts have extended Jamie Spears’ rein over his daughter until December 31st, with the option to end it sooner should he see fit.

All positive steps we think-now finish that album!

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