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Britney Spear’s Meltdown-Your one stop shop

So…unfortunately we’re a bit late on the ball with this and our excuse is valid! We’re on east coast time and were definately SLEEPING by the time all the drama went down…the advantage? We’re giving you all the details in one glorious post!

From the beginning…

Brit Brit has the kid’s for a visit last night…when Kfed’s bodyguard showed up at the end of the alloted visitation time Brit wouldn’t hand them over.  Thus started a FOUR HOUR show down that required not only police intervention, but ended up with Kfed, his lawyers, and Brit’s lawyers all reporting to the scene.

The police found Britney to be dazed and completely out of it…well, DUH! I don’t think a sober individual in a safe state of mind would hold her children hostage in the midst of a SERIOUS custody battle, hours after being deposed!

The police report that Britney is under the influence of an unknown substance, they call in the paramedics to bring her in for drug testing and emergency psychiatric intervention.

Britney is rushed to the hospital, stretcher and all-paps follow hot on their trail.

Then in a twist, we find out that little Jayden James (Brit’s youngest) is also rushed to the hospital by ambulance…Sean Preston (Brit’s oldest) is taken by car along with KFed.  Brit’s dad Jamie Spears also arrives at the hospital.

There is no news yet of why JJ was taken to the hospital via ambulance…our hope is that Britney did not do anything in her altered state to harm him.

There is no report of Britney’s current state, the substance whose influence she was under, or how long she will be held for evaluation.

Our hopes is that it will be an extended stay so she can get the help she needs.  We will continue to update as the story developes.

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