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Amy Winehouse rushed to/released from the hospital

While we at vicarious were zoning out to Weeds and  sleeping off another Monday, we missed a whole lotta drama from the Wino.

So re-cap time: Amy Winehouse was rushed to the hospital from her home in London last night.  Her spokesperson says that Amy suffered “a reaction to medication” and was taken to University College Hospital where she was treated & surveyed until her release around 9:45AM London time this A.M.

She’s said to now be at home “resting comfortably”. It’s certainly no secret that Ms. Winehouse has been experiencing some major health scares over the past few months including an early emphysema diagnosis.

We’re not going to feed the fire anymore than we have over the past few years.  If a “reaction to medication” is what we’re calling drug overdoses these days…so be it.  However in the words of Placebo: “please don’t die”.

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