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Daily Archives: December 8, 2008

Lil Wayne’s “THE CARTER” documentary teaser

Posted on by chris

An in-depth look at the artist Dwayne LIL’ WAYNE Carter Jr, proclaimed by many as the “greatest rapper alive” With comprehensive and personal interviews with Lil’ Wayne, this film will also feature insight from those that know him best. The … Continue reading

Amsterdam to close many brothels, marijuana cafes

Posted on by chris

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) – Amsterdam unveiled plans Saturday to close brothels, sex shops and marijuana cafes in its ancient city center as part of a major effort to drive organized crime out of the tourist haven. The city is targeting … Continue reading

Jay-Z “BK Anthem” featuring MC Lyte

Posted on by chris

This popped up tonight, supposedly off of the Notorious sountrack. (Can a hip hop movie possibly be doing it this right?) Jay-Z feat. MC Lyte – BK Anthem [Drops]