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As much as we hate that a lot of the chatter around the music business has moved away from great live shows and albums to who’s making a scene in front of starbucks and who says the worst things to the press, we still do get quite a kick out of some of the craziness around it.

For 2007, we’d like to give a couple of 2007 Vicarious awards.

Vicarious Award for best animal in or around music

Pete Doherty’s Crack-smoking cat:  We understand Pete, it’s hard to get people to smoke the crack rock with you, so when they won’t, go animal…your cat is a lot more tolerable on crack than all those celebs and their stupid lap dogs.

Vicarious Award for best DUI excuse

“I was taking the marijuana and vicodin for menstrual cramps” Nicole Richie… guys, not sure about your better halfs and girlfriends but mine sure isn’t aware of the Nicole Richie forumla for menstrual cramps.

Vicarious Award for retirees

Yeah LED ZEPPELIN is back!!!  We are holding our breathe for a U.S. tour…

Vicarious Award for favorite arrest

TIE BREAKER!!!  Ja Rule and Wanye arrested in the same night (seperately) after Wanye’s NYC Concert…

Vicarious Award for our favorite Spears moment

SORRY BRIT, your sister has arrived…we are absolutely in LOVE with Jamie Lynn’s bun in the oven

Vicarious Award for best blog

Obviously, we love ourselves but in the sporting spirit we’d say Nah Right ( and Perez Hilton/D-listed give us the most enjoyment…

Vicarious Award for best dance


Crank That (Soulja Boy)

Vicarious Award for best cover

Saul Williams “Sunday Bloody Sunday”…you can get low grade MP3′s for free! (Click Here)

Vicarious Award for best record 2007

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club BABY 81…this record came out in May and didn’t leave our cd player at home and iPod for the entire summer (Click here)

Vicarious Award for best live show 2007

Out of everything we saw, mind you we saw a lot, the best show of the years was one of the two following shows

Foo Fighter’s at Irving Plaza (NYC) with a few hundred other people, we were blessed to see them bring down the house and climb on the speakers for a truly memorable experience.


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at China Club (NYC) with about a hundred other people, we took down free Jack Daniel’s all night and were BLOWN away!

Vicarious Award for best invention 2007

So most of you think it’s the iPhone or the iTouch, we’re big mac fans BUT this is the best invention of 2007, NICE.  Yeah Denmark bands.


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