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XXL’s new freshmen class

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With last year’s class acclimating  themselves with the real world (some better and more successfully than others), XXL returns with the much anticipated Class of 2010. If you remember, an early version of this list was leaked online which was later proven as inaccurate. Thanks to the world’s greatest confessional, also known as Twitter, look for these names to grace the cover.

1. Nipsey Hussle
2. Wiz Khalifa
3. Freddie Gibbs
4. Pill
5. Jay Rock
6. Big Sean
7. Fashawn
8. J. Cole
9. OJ the Juiceman
10. Donnis

That’s all I have confirmed thus far, but when taking an overall analysis of Hip-Hop and the newcomers who have made/will be making an impact the next 11 and a half months, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out who’s missing. Then again, there could be some surprises too. FYI, the class took their school portraits on January 18 at a photo shoot at Industria Studio in New York.

FYI -  Nicki Minaj & Drake both declined to be on issue. Count them out


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