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Wednesday Morning Soundscan Recap

Any Wednesday when I open my soundscan charts and someone has sold over 100k albums in the #1 position is a good day.  Lets take a little looksie at todays chart:

 Jay Z took the # 1 position with his soundtrack for the blockbuster film “American Gangstar” moving over 500k units.  Breaking gold these days period, is a fete, doing it on the first week is a big deal.

The Eagles have officially exceeded platinum status in just 2 weeks with just ONE SINGLE RETAILER.  They currently hold the #2 position.

Country music dominates the top 10 with Garth Brooks debuting at #3, Carrie Underwood at #5, and newcomer Taylor Swift going up a whopping 156% from last week, securing herself the #8 position and quickly moving towards double platinum.

Chris Brown had a respectable debut moving 300k + albums, however thanks to some heavy hitters this week, it only gives him the #4 spot.

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