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Was Tyler Durden behind Pandamonium in Williamsburg?



Last night, Pandamonium–the self-described “Costumed- Roving- Street- Party- Apocalyptic- Dance- Rock- Battle” event took place. It looked like it was a scene right out of Fight Club.

Apparently the group annouced its start location (via websites and Twitter)–Union Square at 8:30 p.m. After converging, some in white-and-black face paint and masks, the panda group headed to Williamsburg via the L at Union Square.

This is where VicariousMusic came into Pandamonium, We walked out of our apartment in Williamsburg and headed up Bedford when we heard sirens, then noticed a lot of flashing lights and then saw the ghetto bird with flashing lights overhead.

Apparently Pandamoium blocked off traffic on N 7th and Bedford, offering up free beer and dancing the streets, waiving flags and making quite a bit of noise.  The supposed organizer got arrested along with 4 or so others.



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  1. mom says:


    This city has always been organized around the flow of money for both work and consumption, with social space and the forms of our lives following suit. Williamsburg, despite any pretensions to being “alternative”, is no different.

    Bedford, with its hip boutiques, eco-friendly stores and music and bookshops specializing in “what’s now”, offers little outside of consumption and fails as a viable alternative to the status quo.

    Further, the massive construction of condominiums, rent hikes and an inundation of police patrols is rapidly transforming the social space we are a part of. This is shaping our movements and actions so that they are more in line with the drive for profit, creating a veritable prison-mall.

    It’s time for us to retake space and transform it in a way that suits us. This party is but a small attempt to do that, to seize space and retool it for our own purposes.

    We need this, do you?

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