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Want to score some very limited edition THRICE Nikes?

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A couple quick UPDATES:

1. The shoes are not starting at $200. They are starting at $35.

2. The shoes are in men’s sizes only. So ladies, adjust accordingly.

3. There are 36 listings. Search around eBay for your size and desired style (see below).

All 4 members of the band THRICE have individually designed their own pair of NIKE shoes. And less than 100 were produced…TOTAL! You could be part of the elite to own The Eddie, The Teppei, The Riley, The Dustin, or the complete set!

During their last headlining tour, 50 pairs of these shoes were sold to concertgoers. And because of the massive response, we wanted to create an opportunity for anyone to purchase this exclusive shoe. But the best part is yet to come. THRICE has donated them to us, Invisible Children. So what does that mean exactly? The moo-lah from each shoe you purchase goes DIRECTLY to our programs on the ground in northern Uganda.

In order to find the 38 shoes we’ll be posting on eBay, you’ll have to search for your size and style by typing this into the eBay search bar: Limited Edition NIKE Shoe Designed by THRICE.


You better act fast, cuz these will seriously be gone faster than your face at a Thrice show.

Shoes… omg …shoes.

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