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Virgin Capitol may be the first to fall

It makes me wonder when I start to hear that major labels are sueing the bands signed to their label what is going to happen next?  Virgin Capitol is sueing 30 Seconds to Mars for not fulfilling their album obligation to the record label. (full details here)

Normally I’d find this hilarious because I am the guy that takes joy in one of the bands I hate getting it in the ear but this isn’t affecting me the same way.  All I can think of is that this is a BAD SIGN.  I can’t remember anything like this in recent time (I’m sure labels have sued bands, managers, etc) and it makes me think this is one of the last resorts of Virgin Capitol.

I’d say by 2010 Virgin Capitol folds and there’s one less major.  Working for an indie label it won’t really affect me, shit, we may even benefit and get a couple of their acts but for the business, this is awful.

At least Richard Branson has his island.

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