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Velvet Revolver Cancel Japanese Tour

and not because they can’t get along. 

Nope, this time it’s their pasts coming back to haunt them.  The band scheduled a tour of Japan 11/26-30 in hopes to reconnect with their Japanese fan base, however the Japanses department of immigration had another agenda.

They have denied the band visa’s and entry to the country, probably stemming from their many past run-ins with the law, although they have refused to comment.

In an official statement the band says: “We want to apologize to our fans in Japan that we won’t be able to perform our scheduled concerts,” the band said in a group statement last week. “We don’t understand why the authorities won’t give us visas when they granted them for us in 2005 for what was a successful tour and a great experience. We love Japan and look forward to our return there.”

They are appealing the decision and are staying on schedule with their Austrailian dates starting December 4th.

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