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Vanilla Ice and all his glory…

What the hell do you have to smile about?

Long after denouncing his past success (remember the infamous MTV appearance where “Rob Van Winkle” beat the crap out of the master beta of his music video “Ice Ice Baby” so it would never be shown again?), failed at reviving his music career with an rap/rock sound, and sunk to the lows of reality television, Vanilla Ice is back in the public eye.

This time on charges of domestic battery. He was arrested and booked last night in West Palm Beach after his wife called the cops on his dumb ass for “hitting and kicking her”. This is his second booking for domestic battery-ps.

He retaliated by stating that his wife is bi-polar, an although on medication has “irrational and argumentative episodes”.  last night being one.

His wife says she wants a divorce.  Congrats Ice, you’re back in the blogsphere.

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