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Taking a page from the Journey handbook, apparently Jimmy Page is itching to get back in the studio with his old band mates, even if they’re not really into it.

In an interview with 6 Music, Jimmy Page’s manager confirmed that Led Zeppelin are planning to tour and record a new album with a replacement singer for Robert Plant.

It’s not really a surprise as Plant — who in December told NME that he wasn’t interested in doing a Led Zeppelin reunion — remains the only member of the legendary band still making commercially viable music. In October, Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones hinted that the band were willing to continue with or without Plant, who affirms that he still remains on good terms with his former band mates.

Speaking to 6 Music about Led Zeppelin’s future plans, Page’s manager Peter Mensch confirmed that the band would indeed carry on if they can find the right singer.

“Jimmy Page has been playing guitar professionally since he was 16 years old. Jimmy Page likes being a musician. That’s what he does! He doesn’t want to be a race car driver or a solicitor,” Mensch said.

“So they [Page, Jones and drummer Jason Bonham] did the show [at London's O2 Arena in 2007] with Robert Plant; they had a really good time rehearsing, the three of them, before Robert showed up. And they decided that if they could find a singer that they thought would fit their bill — whatever their bill was at this stage in their career — that they’d make a record and go on tour.”

While the idea is still in its infancy, rumors of who Plant’s replacement will be have started to swirl, with Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler being brought up as potential options and NME also hinted that the band was rehearsing with American singer Myles Kennedy. Though Mensch remained tight-lipped on the Subject.

“It’s gonna be a long and difficult process,” he said. “And we’re not soliciting people! So don’t call me about it!”

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