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The Woodies

The mtvU Woodie Awards are airing on mtvU and November 15th at 8pm ET.  But in order to make them a success, we need people to vote!  And vote most often!  Anybody can vote and as many times as they like until November 2.

So I was hoping that you could join in on the fun as well as getting your readers to visit and vote at – 

The only exception to the 11/2 voting rule, is they have the category ‘Viral Woodie’ which changes up every Wednesday.  Then the winners from each of the 4 rounds will battle it out at the end to win it all.  During the first week, Linkin Park grabbed the spot….so this week get out there and vote for your fav.  You have the choice between – The Academy Is…, M.I.A., Modest Mouse, The Decemberists, and T-Pain.

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