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The power of Oprah

I hate Josh Groban the way I hate James Blunt.  Ask anyone who has ever been in a car, store, restaurant with me, what happens when I hear those whiny, deafening words.. “you’re beautifullllll” AHHHHHH I go BONKERS. Ok have to stop thinking about that…there is a point to my story.

So, the point is about 3 years ago no one knew who the hell James Blunt was.  His album was struggling to keep alive at the bottom of the charts…he was on the verge of being over before he began. 

Then, one fateful day…he got the call that I’m sure MANY young artists dream of.  Oprah needed a last minute replacement for a show where an artist would play a song that they wrote about a very personal breakup or something.  Oprah called Blunt, and the next week, Blunt SOARED from number too low to even remember, to #2 on the charts, where he remained (somewhere in the top 10) for months.

Anywho….Fast forward to last week.  Josh Groban sells alot of records, we know that, adults love him, he’s clean cut, safe, plays music they understand, yada yada…but he put out this Chrismas record 9 weeks ago and it was like, ehh, somewhere lingering around, charting ok…

And then here comes Oprah-putting it on her Holiday must have list or whatever she calls it, followed by a surpise appearance by Groban himself…and what happens?

He SKYROCKETS to #1 on the Billboard charts this week, selling 409k albums, TOPPING Ms. A-Keys…and all with a CHRISTMAS ALBUM…can I repeat? A CHRISTMAS ALBUM.

UH, Oprah, message you to you hun, call the Foo Fighters, they need your help! Call Velvet Revolver, they REALLY need your help, I don’t even think they’re still on the charts!


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