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The Girls from Drake’s “Best I Ever Had”


I think this is seriously the most hilarious series of posts I’ve ever done. But yo, I think it works. And before any of you point out that I used a Mets inspired graphic for a basketball team…I know I did, so save it please. Anyways, by now, you’ve probably seen Drake’s video for “Best I Ever Had”. You may have most likely HATED the video, especially if you’re a female. But if you’re a guy, you most likely still hated it, but LOVED all the slow motion T & A that was all over the place. Well, we took it upon ourselves, to track some of those ladies that held their own in the video and introduce you to them, as well as give you some visuals. So without further bullsh*t, here are the ladies of TEAM DRAKE…

P.S. If you know of any additional models that appeared on the video, send us their name, website, model profile, etc – to

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