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Tenacious Toy Tuesday (a day late…whoops)

Galaxy Bunch Virus Series 3″ figures by Michael Kwong

Galaxy Bunch

The Galaxy Bunch 3″ Virus Series

9 different 3″ minis in Michael Kwong’s Galaxy Bunch Virus Series.

Each piece packed on a blister card and comes with a copper chain.

1500 of each produced; only 500 sets will be sold in the US.

This weeks chance to win 1 Frank Kozik vinyl toy (Monger) if you answer the below question correctly. 1 winner will be chosen at random.

QUESTION: Tenacious Toys is selling a plush version of a microbe that hasreceived a lot of press lately, as it has affected our food supply.The microbe has a 3-part scientific name, what is it?


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