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Lefsetz best letter in a minute…

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“‘You know what, Jimmy? Fuck you. Take that beat and shove it up Timbaland’s ass.’” You don’t talk to Jimmy Iovine that way! What kind of crazy, fucked up world do we live in where the pop stars are the … Continue reading

Gene Simmons and Bob Lefsetz opening debate at CMW

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Gene Simmons and Bob Lefsetz battle at Canadian Music Week

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Here’s a glimpse of what went down… Their closing statements. ┬áMore videos coming tonight!!! [youtube=]

I’m scratching my head with regard to these record company layoffs. What are the bosses thinking?

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We can complain that a salary cut at the top can save multiple jobs at the bottom. We can look to Steve Jobs, who famously said during the dot come meltdown that Apple was going to innovate its way out … Continue reading