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Hello iPad

Posted on by Fresh P

Yesterday Apple announced the arrival of its iPad – a device that is perceived initially by many to simply be a really big iPod touch or iPhone.  While that is no doubt my first reaction, after watching some video on … Continue reading

Apple Tablet to Redefine Newspapers, Texbooks & Magazines

Posted on by chris

Apple Tablet To Redefine Newspapers, Textbooks and Magazines Steve Jobs said people don’t read any more. But Apple is in talks with several media companies rooted in print, negotiating content for a “new device.” And they’re not just going for … Continue reading

Apple Says It Has Approved App From Music Service Spotify

Posted on by chris

Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) says it has approved an iPhone app from Spotify, a music service that some people believe represents a growing threat to iTunes. The decision has been closely watched in part because Apple has previously disallowed apps it … Continue reading

iTunes variable pricing

Posted on by chris

Apple has cut deals that will finally enable iTunes to offer songs free of copy protection software from the three largest music labels, according to two sources close to the negotiations. In exchange, Apple has agreed to become more flexible … Continue reading

Letter from Steve Jobs

Posted on by chris

January 5, 2009 Letter from Apple CEO Steve Jobs Dear Apple Community, For the first time in a decade, I’m getting to spend the holiday season with my family, rather than intensely preparing for a Macworld keynote. Unfortunately, my decision … Continue reading

Apple MacBook – Tribook

Posted on by chris

iPhones Gone Wild; Apple Profits Boom 26 Percent

Posted on by chris

Apple earnings jumped 26 percent in the recent quarter, thanks partly to robust iPhone sales.  The second-generation, 3G-enabled iPhone shifted 6.9 million units in its debut quarter, enough to eclipse the entire sales total for the first-generation device.  That pushed … Continue reading

the new…Nano-Chromatic

Posted on by chris

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