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Stone Temple Pilots “Between The Lines”

In the wake of reformation tours by seemingly every popular 1990s alternative rock group bar Nirvana, Californian natives Stone Temple Pilots have spilled forth the first single from a May-due self-titled album – their sixth, and first since 2001′s underwhelming Shangri-La Dee Da.

Entitled ‘Between The Lines’, the new track exhibits the stylistic hallmarks of STP’s best material: a driving major-chord guitar riff (see: ‘Plush’), a blazing solo – anyone who’s played Guitar Hero III at length will understand, as ‘Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart’ remains a perennial fret-mashing favourite – and lyrical references to both love and drugs. With the latter, though, I fear they may have overstepped the mark; the chorus – “you always were my favourite drug, even when we used to take drugs” – can probably be filed under “reformed band trying too hard to be edgy and relevant”, though singer Scott Weiland’s ongoing heroin addiction is well-known. Curiously, the song’s bridge calls to mind the chorus of Nirvana’s ‘Stay Away‘.

To decide for yourself, you’ve got a couple of options. You can play the viral marketing game by visiting their site and allowing their Twitter app to spread the word among your followers in exchange for the track. Or you can just use the handy Soundcloud embed below.

Stone Temple Pilots – Between The Lines by Atlantic Records

Stone Temple Pilots’ self-titled sixth album is due on May 25 2010 via Atlantic Records.

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