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ST 2 Lettaz (G-Side) “This Is Life” & “Tryna Get Rich” feat. PT Prime Time directed by J Dirrt

ST 2 Lettaz (G-Side) “This Is Life” & “Tryna Get Rich” Feat. PT Prime TIme from DJ DIRRTY on Vimeo.


“I think it was May time frame when J Dirrt invited us to New York to shoot a video. Now mind you we had only been in contact with the Ballers Eve crew for less than a year. The first date for the video shoot was set for mid July, but due to other circumstances we were not able to make it to New York.(We ended us shooting this Sept 2 – 4, 2009) Over the next few months the direction the Huntsville International Project started to take a life of it’s own. It went from being a mixtape, to a street album, to a concept album that incorporated all the people we have met since Starshipz and Rocketz entered this world. So what we did was let everybody we knew contribute a portion of influece to this project to give it a more global sound, but keep it Slow Motion Soundz. The thing about those involved they are digital companies which have well respected online brands. In the age of slumping record sales and the mis-direction of artist we felt like building a new infrastructure so we can travel on freshly paved roads. We have dedicated our energies for music, writing, and film, focused that energy from trying to be discovered, to discover the truth in that energy. Well Baller’s Eve is one of those digital brands and here is their contribution to the Huntsville Internattional Project (The H.I.P.).

Key people for this video. Ballers Eve, Slow Motion Soundz, East Village Radio, Lil Frankie’s, DQM, Zoo York Clothing, Complex Magazine, Spanky’s apartment, Edwing Jiminez, Ricker, New Port, Max Fish Bar, and of course the director, J. Dirrt”.

Slow Motion Soundz

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