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Scott Weiland Copycat is a good thing


In the wake of the release of band mate Slash’s new autobiography “Slash”, Weiland says that he’s inked a deal to publish his own.

Weiland told reporters at last night’s AMA’s that he’ll be collaborating with David Ritz (who’s a seasoned music bio writer), and completely freaked by the whole thing.  He’s said to be “overwhelmed by the prospect of chronicling his eventful life to date”.

Personally, we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Having been longtime STP fans, subsequently working with Weiland and VR, and enjoying our current read “Slash” as much as we do, we’re anxiously awaiting Weiland’s version.

On a related note, Slash told reporters last night at the AMA’s that there’s been interst in adapting his autobiography into a film…but he’s in no rush to get back to them.

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