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RZA “Drama” remix contest

RZA remix

The RZA is the architect of some of the finest beatscapes in hip-hop history. He invented alot of the styles that modern day producers use today and now he wants YOU to flex your skills by remixing a song from his newest Bobby Digital project, “Drama.”

So if you’re not too busy playing wu-chess, click on this Download Link to get all the pieces you’ll need to sample and chop and create your own version of “Drama” to win 500 hundred dollars CASH!

To enter.

1. Click the Download Link

2. Create your remix

3. Upload an mp3 of your remix here

4. Share the track with your friends

5. Get the money…dolla dolla bill yo!




Mixes by the winner and top runners-up will be eligible for inclusion on a forthcoming digital release by RZA as Bobby Digital

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