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Rachel from Baxter House interviews Vivid-Alt Star, Reagan Maddux

Ahh porn, the wondrous escape from the harsh realities of our ever slumping economy. A moment in time to forgo the hustle and bustle of our day to day and simply enjoy the moment. And enjoy I did do. First off, let’s start out by saying even as a semi-straight woman, I never check out a guy in porn. I mean, maybe once in a while I may compare shlong sizes or think to myself “whoa that huge black dick is like purple and veiny” but by and large, I’m looking at the ladies.

And so I enter the Little Cave. The Little Cave is a cozy bar in the middle of Highland Park (for those of you non-Angelenos, Highland Park is in the epicenter of East LA, homes) subtly decorated with cave-like themes of shadows of bats, a curved glittery black popcorn ceiling, brick walls, mellow red lighting and of course the reminiscent of 80s punk, mohawked, I-don’t-give-a-fuck bartender. A fitting environment for our raunchy, dark, Vivid Alt alterna-types.


Vivid2for more pics go click here

It was easy to spot the starlets in the chalked with ex-convicts crowd. Little Lexi Bell and her blond little bob and sassy little walk sparkled like well, a pale blond amidst a sea of Latinos. I approached Lexi while she was getting paparazzified and stole the horny photog’s thunder. Needless to say Lexi seemed more interested in me than the dude. We took a few pics together and I even got to stroke her perky little ass. She was very cordial and encouraged all of you readers to check out “THE DOLL UNDERGROUND” and watch her bouncy ass in action. Then I had to go get a drink and move on to the next starlet.

Reagan Maddux stood like a statuesque, proud vixen next to the “THE DOLL UNDERGROUND” poster. Reagan is fucking hot. Jet black straight hair, tattoos and piercings (hence, Vivid Alt) and evocative cat-like crystal blue eyes. Her body was banging and she certainly knew how to work it. Fans surrounded her and took those above angle myspace shots with her. I took off my coat (which sparked Reagan’s interest in my porn-like cleavage) and asked her if I could interview her. She happily obliged. What I really wanted to ask her was, “…so what’s it like getting banged in the ass for hours on end while a fat, smelly crew hovers over you” but I didn’t want to come across as rude. I think I did alright. Feel free to check out my sexy audio interview with Reagan Maddux and more pics of the stars at .


I couldve found the infamous Eon Mckai who directed The Doll Underground and whose name is synonymous with hipster/alternative/Suicide Girls-esque/art porn or I could have hunted down the fat cocks who appeared in the flick, but in the end, the only thing that piqued my interest were the ladies. My guess is pussy is all that interests anyone who watches, hears about or indulges in porn, even the virginal Christians who think were all going to perish in hell for even saying the word. I love porn for what it is. I love the underworld and I love anything and everything taboo. Id definitely give The Dolly Underground a chance just for the sheer opportunity to feel as though you are getting more than just an opportunity to get off while watching top notch babes moan and get banged, youre experiencing art. Thank you Vivid Alt for enhancing my twisted masturbatory adventures.



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  1. Chanakya says:

    Vivid Alt definitely seems to be onto something here. The girls are hot and the people who made the movie seem genuinely interesting and fun. I am definitely planning on checking out the feature and will check out more vivid alt films.

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