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PRGz featured on The Fader

If you ever want to blow a little kid’s mind, just explain to them the concept of nostalgia. Can you imagine sitting a five-year-old down and saying, “Some day when you are an adult and can do whatever you want, you are going to wish you were what you are right now.” That kid will look at you crazy and then go play with a toy truck. Maybe it would make more sense to just play them this song from Huntsville’s PRGz, which is basically like, Yeah, back in the day things were good—but I’m having one of those good days now, too. Not to mention the fact that I ain’t got on no clothes, I ain’t even took a bath yet/ See when you gettin that money you ain’t worried about nothin at all is a relatable situation for people of any age.

Download: PRGz f. King Kuma, “Good Times”

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