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Phish recording in Brooklyn (2008/2009)


So holy shit Gothamist has a photo that very clearly shows Mike Gordon, Fishman, Page’s bald spot and Trey recording in a studio – rumored to be Park Slope’s Trout Recording! Is this the real deal? Are Phish really recording an album? If so, this means there’ll be a summer/fall tour to support it! Which means they’ll be playing at least three nights at The Garden, or maybe a weekend run in Coney! And since the Hampton show ticket disaster sucked so many balls, here’s hoping a NYC/Brooklyn run will have enough dates to make sure I get a freaking ticket.

Gothamist did a little investigating and got a frank denial from a Trout studio rep, but they call bullshit and I have to agree. Here’s what they posted and which is giving me anxiety right now:

A little investigating led us to Trout Recording in Park Slope, where some of the band members have recorded in the past. A call to the studios this morning was fielded by Bryce Goggin, who told us, “There is not a band called Phish in my studio at this time.” Our secret decoder ring unscrambled this lexical puzzle and told us that it’s all but confirmed: Phish is in Park Slope either rehearsing or recording or both! Secret show at Union Hall all but confirmed!

Save the snark motherf*ckers, I grew up a hippie. Everyone loves a friend who loves Phish.

UPDATE: Phish is swimming all over the place. That photo’s from Manhattan…compare it to this. Pay attention to the walls. The word is they were there “as recently as “the beginning of this week”.

photo via Gothamist

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