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Paper Route…go buy this NOW

I truly experienced something magical last night at the Mercury Lounge in New York City.

Paper Route list their influences as: Jurassic Park, magic tricks, Alice in Wonderland and the Titanic soundtrack—after you see them live this makes all the sense in the world.  Much like Jurassic Park, the boys from Nashville tinker around with the greatest variety of sounds/instruments I’ve seen in a long time (accordion, tambourine, 3 keyboards, various rattles, etc.) …creating a titillating  ambient/electronica sound.

Their delivery encases the charisma of a great Magician.

Their play with conventions of language and logic pushes through a careful balance of sense and non-sense elements-much like Alice in Wonderland.

Their harmonies are so perfect and generate an echo so vast (“We Are All Forgotten” and “You Kill Me”, which are the stand out tracks for me) that it feels as if are with Leo himself on the front of the Titanic.

I’d highly suggest purchasing their EP, We Are All Forgotten.

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  1. Kelsey says:

    YES! I’d highly suggest seeing them live, as they are absolutely in their element on stage, even though they use mutliple electronic devices. Plus they’re just great people!

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