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New Weekly Feature: New Tenacious Toy Tuesday’s!


  • Tenacious Toys
  • Tuesday’s feature toy will be the Jake the Melon 5-Pack
  • on the popular Jake the Monger from Kozik’s Series 1 of Mongersmini figures.This summer, get your hands on the juiciest toy set ever! The AmazingSmorkin’ Watermelon Variety Pack! From Frank Kozik, it’s Big Jake,the Amazing Smorkin’ Watermelon! And he brought along some of hisbuddies. Anarchy Melon, Loyalty Melon, War Melon and Stunt Melon.They’re all here in one set! (Now where’s my Icy Hot Stuntaz MelonChase??? -Benny)An eclectic collection of nicotine-addicted fruit, this carcinogeniccrew rolls deep, even if they’re a bit lopsided. 5 mini (1.5 inch)melons puffing away inside their sweet display box. The packagingfeatures original artwork by the smorkin’ artist himself. With thisset, there’s a melon for everyone!
  • ACE & JOEY and Jerome from Frank’s Mongers Series 1
  • Q: There’s only one toy on the whole Tenacious Toys website with aproduction run of 288 pieces. Which one is it?
  • A:_______________________________________________________
  • One winner will be selected EACH week (contest will run with a new question next week)
  • CONTEST IS OVER…tune in Next Tenacious Toy Tuesday!

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