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New feature…Meri’d to Sports

Ok A-Rod I’ll give it to you. You landed Madonna. You’re the man. You ruined 2 marriages and cheated on your wife while she was pregnant but you landed Madonna. Once noted for your ability as the best baseball player of today. Now you’re a whipped man writing Kabbalah books for kids. Showing up more on then I’ll go on record saying this dude’s only heading for a downfall and while he’s at it being as annoying as Tom Cruise.


Other Note worthy news in my world:
The Dodgers bought out Brad Penny for 2 million. They also made an offer to Manny Ramirez rumored to be worth 55 million for 2 yrs. Here’s to hoping Manny stays in LA we love him here and he’s good here.
Tony Parker scored a career high 55 points against the Timberwolves in double OT bring the Spurs a 129-125 victory over the t-wolves. That’s impressive Tony and I’m happy marrying Eva didn’t make you and annoying douche like A-Rod.
The Lakers are 4-0 making me a happy happy girl in this early B-ball season.  My boys are looking good. The young guys like Farmer, Ariza and Bynum have come into there own. I expect big things from them. I’m still waiting for Luke Wolton and Chris Mihm to do something. Both have been plaque with injuries over the years. This year is their telling year. Here’s hoping they don’t disappoint.
More later from Meri…

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  1. mike says:

    A-Rod’s wife and Madonna’s husband both think they haven’t had a physical relationship but obviously you know better.

    Believe half of what you see and almost none of what you read and you will be viewed as a much smarter person.

  2. Meri says:

    Mike.. Are you friends with Cythnia and Guy? Are you in the bed with Madonna and A-rod.. Where you at dodger stadium last night? Are you in there inner the circle trust? Because obviously you know better then me?
    Hey Mike Believe half of what you see and almost none of what you read and you will be viewed as a much smarter person.
    Thanks for taking the time to read me
    Lot’s of Love –Meri ?

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