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New Alice In Chains

You all know that Vicarious loves themselves good ‘ole 90′s rock-and that means we love the legendary Alice In Chains. 

After the tragic passing of Lanyne Stanley we were hesitant to accept a reunion with a new lead singer.  It’s no secret that is HARD to pull off-both stylistically and with die-hard loyal fans.

We were pleasantly surprised by William DuVall, who although looks NOTHING like Layne, has a voice that bears a striking resemblence.  His tone is there, but fortified with a blues intensity-we thought he was pretty good and did the classic Alice In Chains material justice.

Over the past 3 years the new line up has toured several times, of course sparking the question if new material would ever surface. Well, for the first time in 13 years the band is back in the studio working on new material for a brand new album.

No title or release date have been set.  We don’t know how we feel, so leave us a comment and let us know your opinion.

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  1. Vicente says:

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