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My Flavor of the week…

(right now) I’m obsessed with Motley Crue.  I know, totally late to the party.  If this was 1983, that would probably be a very cool statement, but I missed to boat.

However I have a reason;  I’m reading The Dirt,which I STRONGLY recommend you all jump on right now and purchase.  It is the craziest account of what really went on in the era of 80′s rock decadence…the epitome of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll….

That being said, I am now informed of Nikki Sixx’s life battles, and must say even though who knows if this is “true love” as they are calling it, I’m happy that at the moment he’s sober and in love with tattooed vixen, and professional rock star-girlfriend, Kat Von D.

Oh, and while we’re in purchase mode…Sixx has a new band; Sixx AM and their stand out track “Life is Beautiful” is definitely worth the $.99

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